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What Is Lower Back Pain

pain Have you just wakened up with a feeling of pain on the lower back? Sometimes it may just be mild that the condition will just improve all throughout the day. But, there are just some instances when pain comes to be traumatizing that it will leave you feeling burdened and unable to do activities of daily living. What is lower back pain really and how does it develop.

Generally, lower back pain is caused by disequilibrium in the area brought by the parts making up the lower back. Here are the parts of the lower back that may come affected leading to that painful sensation.


Muscles are flabs of striated and smooth materials underlying the skin which operates to cover and protect the organs under it. These muscles make up the whole body. Inflammation and muscle twitching are just some of the things that cause pain on the area. Since the lower back is also made up of muscles, back pain may possibly happen.

Lower back pain brought by muscles can just be eased though with the help of rest and relaxation techniques. Applying mentholated creams on the area may also help a long way.

Joints are like balls of bones that connects one segment to another. This is vital for movement. Movement actually helps to leave it working. In fact, immobility comes to be one of the reasons why joints go weak and unable to be moved with ease. This goes the same with how car bearings work. Once it is left immobile for long, it comes to clump up and difficult to move. In order to prevent lower back pain, stretching is necessary to encourage movement on the joints.

Lower back has sensitive nerves in it too. If there is pain in the area, a problem with nerves is the one to suspect. Nerves come to carry impulses and pain receptors are just equally traumatizing that once it goes affected, it causes severe pain. This happens sometimes because of the over bending that stretches the nerves out.

Lower back pain is often caused by imbalance or inadequacies in the parts of the body that is located in such area. There is also a different range of pain according to the area that is affected. This is why there is a great deal over consulting on your doctor to seek the affected parts to find the treatment regime that will stand effective.
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