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Jobs and interviews – common queries and solutions

career In your life time, it is certain that you might have faced a number of jobs and interviews. The moment you are facing an interview it is natural that you need to be prepared to answer all possible questions asked. In some of the interviews, there are possibilities that you might be asked any question. Even if you feel that it is very much vague still you need perfect mindset to answer all questions. Some interviewers begin by asking simple question like where do you expect yourself to be after few years. Others might ask you about your future plans. Some might want to know if you are reliable. The point is that you need to try and answer very specific to the point.

Motivational factor – most interviewers want to know why you need this particular job. They would also like to enquire if you have applied for any other jobs or not.

Career factor- they are more or less interested in understanding your perfect career plan. They simply look forward to understand your future plans.

Vision aspects- he is looking forward to get a clear picture of what you want from your career.

Why do companies ask such questions?
One of the main reasons is that companies always want to ensure that they are making a genuine investment by hiring you. They try and study your skills and talents. It is important that you should let them understand that you have the potential to gain more talent. Apart from this they also want to ensure that you can be a long term employee in their form. When asked such questions it is important that you should try and let them have a very clear picture of where they can expect you to be few years from now. You need to keep in mind that in jobs, company owners try and make a judgment related to your aspirations. Apart from this, for any one this certainly is one of the best times to let them know of the expectation factor.
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